The Handy Marriage Dress Buying Guide For All Brides to be

So, it’s getting close to the marriage dress shopping excursion. Excitement might be in the air, but there are also likely to be many questions, and concerns too. ‘what’s the process of buying a marriage dress?’, ‘what do I need to consider?’, and ‘how can I make the whole experience something wonderful by avoiding stress?’

It’s not like you pop out to buy a marriage dress every day, it’s natural to have some questions, or even miss some useful tips that would have made the process smooth. So we have put together this quick guide to help you every step of the way.

Starting with what you might need to consider before you head to the bridal shops, how to go about maintaining momentum, and how to snag the best amount of time and attention from the sales staff at the shop.

Scheduling Your Shopping Trip

Shop on a Weekday

Shopping on a weekday will ensure that you have a higher chance of getting more attention from the sales staff since they won’t be so busy.  You’ll probably get around the shops quicker, and have much more space to sashay, twirl, and gloat over your dress too.

Always Book an Appointment

It’s much better to book an appointment.  If you are heading out for dress trials, you may as well make sure that you can get the undivided attention that you’ll need, and that your salesperson is in the zone if you shop on a quiet day.  You may not be so lucky if you just walk in.

Skip Day One of Any Sample Sale

If you are attending a sample sale, avoid the first day. It’s just going to be busy, stressful and frustrating. Find out how long the sale runs for and attend later. The last day may have even more markdowns too.

Keep it Exclusive

Seriously, don’t bring your ten bridesmaids, your four sisters, your Mum, Nan, Great Aunt Edna and her friends’ dog along to find your wedding dress.  It’s going to be a nightmare that way. You’ll be distracted by them, and nobody will have the same opinion. Instead, take one or two of your closest friends or family members (ideally those gems of friends who are honest and practical with their advice).

Make Sure to Factor Everything in for the Bridal Shop Budget

Pay attention to your budget. Did you budget for your marriage dress on its own and then plan a separate budget for the accessories? If you didn’t then you need to remember to save some of your budget for such things. Items you are going to need are the veil, jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, underwear, and alterations. Allocate these costs first, this way you won’t realize later that you’ve blown the budget and then have to either give up it up or find more money!

Keep on Scouting

Remember you are going to need bags of momentum. Mainly because you might not find the perfect gown on your first trip out. Which might be disappointing.  The thought of going through all of the trying on again might seem gruelling. Try to take it in your stride. Keep on scouting, there is a beautiful gown out there waiting for you.

Additional Tips

Sample Gowns

Bridal shops cannot possibly carry every marriage dress available, even if they do stock the bridal gown designer that you prefer. Most will try to obtain a sample of the dress you desire if you call ahead and ask them. So if you have a specific dress you’d like to try, ask the bridal shop to see if there is a chance they could obtain a sample for you.

Glam Up the Shoes

You don’t have to stick to a classic white stiletto. Instead, if you are into high fashion then stick on your favorite pair of blue Louboutins.  Other ideas are flip flops for a summer wedding, if you are into Doctor Martens wear them – anything goes Trainers, cowboy boots, snow boots, slippers.


If your dress is very detailed, and intricate, play down the jewellery, even wearing nothing but the engagement ring – don’t forget the engagement ring!