Super Creative Garden Art Ideas

Garden art is so in right now! It’s officially the first day of summer which means outdoor parties, lounging by the pool and backyard barbecues. Since you’ll be spending so much time outdoors its time to spruce up your space, with a bit of creativity. We have some great ideas to spruce up your garden and make your yard the envy of all the neighbors!

1. Animated Flowerpots

With some colored paint and a tiny bit of artistic skill you can make flowerpots out of your old drums, and  animate them as well. Feel free to choose whatever quirky character you prefer. These cute designs are from Upcycled wonders.

2. Bed-frame flowerbed

This is a really great idea, especially when your kids grow out of their tiny single bed and it’s time to upgrade to something bigger. Just repurpose the bed frame by painting it in your favorite color and using a rope to hang your flowerbed. How cool is this!

3. Hanging handbag Flowerpots

Instead of tossing out last seasons handbags why not recycle them into something absolutely unique and creative like these handbag flowerpots. Plus since they already come with their own handles you can pretty much hang them anywhere!

4. Bottle Artpiece

It’s amazing what you can do with a few empty bottles right? We like to call it garden art! This bottled peacock will make a beautiful centerpiece in your yard.

5. Flowerpot Boots

The rainy season is officially over but you don’t have to throw out those those worn out rain boots, instead just paint them in fun colors, add some dirt and plant your favorite flowers!

This is definitely my favorite on the list; I mean how often do you see wire animals in someone’s yard? This was created by Wireart using galvanized plain wire, you can check them out here

Did you like these creative garden art ideas? Tell us which ones you are willing to try this summer! We absolutely love hearing from you so share your feedback with us!